All Creatures Mobile Vet

All Creatures Mobile Veterinary treats dogs, cats, small mammals, birds, reptiles and small farm animals. We bring all the medical care and technology available at a traditional veterinary clinic to the comfortable, stress-free environment of your home. Whether your animal needs a basic annual exam and vaccines, Xrays, bloodwork or more intensive treatment, All Creatures Mobile Vet is there for you and your pet.    View Website

Aquarium & Terrarium Setup and Maintenance

Are you looking to add a new feature to your home or office? Do you have that space that you don't know what to do with? Well we now offer a solution that is both beautiful and calming. Little Critter Pet Center is working with The Fish Guy Nh to bring you amazing aquariums and terrariums in your home, office, school, or any place of business. We also offering relocation and maintenance services as well. Fill out our contact form and get your FREE quote today!      View Website


For a small delivery fee of 5% of your total purchase (with a  minimum fee of $5) we will personally deliver any in-stock products straight to your home! We'll deliver dog food, cat treats, aquarium filters, you name it! Give us a call and we'll set up an account for you! Some restrictions apply. 

Home Delivery Now Available!

Free Freshwater Aquarium Testing

Are you just starting a new aquarium or maybe you've run into a problem with the one you have? Come see us and we can test your water for you for free! We can test any aquarium for Ammonia, Nitrite, Nitrate, pH, Alkalinity, Hardness, and Chlorine. And best of all we can tell you what it all means. If you want your water tested, simply bring in a small amount of water from your tank in either a small cup or baggie and we'll be happy to diagnose your problem and help you to solve it!

Other Services

Dog and Cat Grooming

Please let us know if you are interested in these services just click the box below and submit.


Finches - $4.00/day

Parakeets - $5.00/day

Cockatiels - $7.50/day

Conures _ $10.00/day

Amazons - $12.00/day

Cockatoos/ Macaws - $15.00/day

Hamsters/ Mice - $3.00/day

Rats - $5.00/day

Bunnies/ Guinea Pigs - $6.00/day

Bowl Fish (Goldfish/ Betta) - $2.00/day

Reptiles - $5-10/day

Boarding Pricing

If you're going away for vacation we can board your small animals, birds, and reptiles! We provide housing, food, and water so all you need to do is bring in your pet. We have a dedicated boarding room in the back of our store where your pet can relax and enjoy its own vacation.‚Äč

Pet Boarding

Small Animal Nail Trimming

We can also trim the nails of your furry friends. From rats and rabbits to chinchillas and hedgehogs we can trim up your little buddy in no time!

Please call ahead to make an appointment. 

Bird DNA Sexing

Want to know for sure whether Polly is a boy or girl? We offer DNA sexing on all birds. We take a non-invasive blood sample and send it out to our lab for testing. Results come back within a few weeks along with a certificate of proof.

Please call ahead to make an appointment.

Little Critter Pet Services

Bird Wing Clipping and Nail Trimming

We offer wing and nail clipping for all types  of birds. We have several employees on staff that have years of experience and everything needed to make you and your pet comfortable.

Please call ahead to make an appointment.