Little Critter Pet Center Now Has Hedgehogs

            These prickly little creatures have warmed their way into the hearts of pet lovers in recent years and have become a popular small pet alternative. Although their outward appearance may make some question the physical enjoyment of owning one, domestic hedgehogs can actually make wonderful additions to your family. But, just like every pet, they have their own unique care needs and deserve the commitment from you to provide them with a healthy and happy life.

            A hedgehog’s lifespan is four to six years, but with some living as long as a decade, bringing one home should never be a spur of the moment decision. These little critters do best with owners who respect their lifestyle. For starters, they’re nocturnal and need to be handled with care. Those quills aren’t just for show! If frightened, they may extend them and could cause injury to an excited youngster. Getting your hedgehog comfortable with handling takes patience and some hedgehogs enjoy it more than others. Let your pet become accustomed to your scent by placing your hand near him or her and always be sure to pick your pet up from beneath (there aren’t any pointy quills there).

When it comes to grooming, hedgehogs are very clean animals that require little assistance from you as long as you routinely clean their cage and food bowls. From time to time, they may need their nails trimmed. Some owners also get into the habit of brushing their pet’s teeth or providing occasional baths. More than anything, hedgehogs are fun to watch.

Although pint-sized, they require larger cages than hamsters or gerbils because they love to exercise and explore. Did you know that hedgehogs are insectivores? Unlike many other pocket pets, they require diets rich in protein. This can be offered in the form of mealworms and crickets or from moist dog or cat foods, and cooked human fare such as eggs, chicken, and hamburger. Hedgehogs can also be given supplementary snacks such as carrots, apples, grapes, or dog and cat treats.

We are proud to offer these interesting creatures to our customers and are here to help with all of your hedgehog care needs!

What You’ll Need

For Your Hedgehog’s Home

 A cage 4’ long x 2’ wide, at minimum
A hiding place
A litter box with litter pellets
A water bottle or bowl
Two heavy food dishes (moist & dry)
An exercise wheel
Toys or props


Salt & Pepper


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