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Tired of driving into town to pick up something for your pet and it's not on the shelf! Well we understand how frustrating that is. That's why we are doing something never heard of in the brick and mortar pet industry. We are offering an "IN STOCK GUARANTEE" on products normally carried in our store that have not been discontinued. This does not include large items or live animals except for feeders! Yes, we are telling you to just come in and not worry about these items not being here when you arrive. What if we are out? We feel that it's our responsibility to our community to provide a service to you. So if we do not have what you are looking for under these terms we will give you an instant coupon for %5 OFF towards that item. For questions about the program or qualifying items call or contact us by filling out the form on our Contact Us page.


All you have to do to receive your additional savings and coupons is text "LCPC" to 87804. Get an immediately redeemable %10 off your first purchase and receive store coupons weekly!


At Little Critters we greatly value our customers and appreciate your business. To show our thanks we have recently overhauled and expanded our rewards program to give more back to you, our valued customer. Our program now includes even more exclusive coupons and discounts and, best of all - it's still completely FREE! 

Program Overview
Our Reward Program is a points based system where one dollar spent in the store earns you one reward point on most items. Once you have reached 500 points you will be sent a coupon for $10 off - that's a 2% cash back savings! 

How do I sign up?
Simply ask an employee about the program the next time you're in the store and we can get you signed up. It's quick and easy, only taking about a minute of your time!

What benefits will I receive?
- Get 2% cash back redeemable once you have acquired 500 points. 
- Exclusive sale coupons
- Automatic enrollment in dog and cat food Frequent Buyer programs

How do I get my Rewards?
Rewards are given right at the register at the time of purchase. Youc an either use your reward immediately or save it for a later date.

Can I check my Rewards Point balance?
Your reward balance will print out on every receipt we give you. You can also ask an employee and and we can look up your balance for you.

Our coupons can be found in Valpak and Seacoast Savings Magazine every month. If you don't receive these mailings, the coupons can also be printed out from their website by clicking below. 

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Customer Reward Program

Store Discount Days


Senior Discount Day

            5% off food and treats 

            10% off all other store items


Shop With Your Pet Day

            5% off food and treats

            10% off all other store items 

Armed Services

             5% off food and treats

             10% off all other store items

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