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At Little Critter Pet Center we have one of the largest selections of hand-fed exotic birds in the seacoast area! Whether you're looking for your first bird or just adding to your flock, we have the bird for you!


We carry a selection of seed mixes and pellets from brands like Roudy Bush, Higgins, and Zupreem as well as bulk food by the pound. We also have high quality treats and supplements so you can make sure your bird is getting all in needs.


We have all of the supplies you need for your bird from cages to toys to perches. We have cages for anything from a finch to a Macaw, cage top perches or large floor perches made from manzanita or java wood, and a huge selection of bird toys with both locally made and American made toys available.


We do wing clipping and beak and nail trimming as well as boarding and DNA sexing. Please call for more details. 

​​Last Updated 5-23-15

Sun Conure $599.99

Blue Front Amazon $1399.99

Spectacled Amazon $799.99

Yellow Nape Amazon $1399.99

Assorted Cockatiels $149.99

Jenday Conure $699.99

Green Quakers $299.99

Blue Quakers $399.99

Gouldian Finch $199.99pr

Indian Spice Finch $16.99

Zebra Finch $14.99

Society Finch $14.99

Assorted Handfed Parakeets $34.99

Lovebirds $139.99

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